Do you want to lighten your skin and get rid of hyperpigmentation safely, naturally, discretely, comfortabely and effectively?

(No appoitments, no chemicals, no laser, you won't even have to diet!)

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Besutyfields Skinlight HyperPigmentation soap and lotion

You will be amazed when you will see how beautyfields skinlight clears your face.

Listen, this is the only skin lightening brand in the whole world that is not only natural but also very effective. You won't believe your eyes when you will look in the mirror. Even after 2 weeks of daily use.

"My wife loves the stuff you sell.
Thank you." (David, USA)

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This is for you if...

  • You hate concealer and foundation.
  • You want to look good first thing in the morning.
  • You want to look good when you go camping for a week and have no time for too much grooming.
  • You have tried just about everything to treat your Hyper1pigmentation and nothing ever worked.
  • You do not agree to ruin your skin with chemicals PERIOD. Legal or not.
  • You want to look your best also 20 years from now.
  • All you want is a lighter complexion without the risks.
  • You wish to even out your skin tone.

Benefits! So what is so unique about Beautyfields skinlight soap and cream anyway?

Some facts about my soaps and cream you would just love to hear about:

All natural vegan skin lightening soap.

My skin lightening soap is all natural and vegan. Ingredients include vegetable oils, water, calendula, parsley and salt. That is all. Period.

Natural skin lightening cream.

For my cream I use also beeswax, a little alchohol and borax. If you are 40+ or  have dry skin the cream is a better choice for you.

Significant effect, fast!

I'll let my lovely customers do the talking. You already saw  my ebay feedbacksee also my uncensored etsy feedback for it.  You will see a change in your skin in less then 2 weeks!

Long lasting effect.

The skin lightening effects last for around 2 weeks when after you stop using the products. So after reaching your goal 2-3 times a week is enough so you can party, hooray!!!

Formulated and hand made by a pharmacist.

Yes, that's me.  These skin lightening products were also formulated for a pharmacist (again me). Long story, see below.

Will not dry your skin.

My skin lightening cream is very moisturizing. The soap is also not drying so it is good for younger people. If your skin is mature or dry then a better choice is for you to use the cream.​

Works on all skin colors.

Many ask me if my skin lightening products are effective on Afican skin. Definitly yes. How do I know?  My customers told me and they come in all colors.

Used by thousands so you will not be the first.

These skin lightening products are handmade, small scale production. Still you don't have to feel like a laboratory rabbit. 

The soap is good not only for HyperPigmentation but also for acne.

In case you also have acne, the soap can treat not only the pimples but also the spots and scars. It's a side effect my customers report to me about all the time.

Treat your HyperPigmentation ASAP.

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BeautyFields HyperPigmentation Solutions

The story of Beautyfields skinlight and me

Long, long time ago I had the whole map of the world on my face.  You know what I mean? Severe Malesme. Disaster!!!

These days Hydrocortisone was still legal. So I used it for a while. Made my skin feel like cardboard, very strange and irritating. 

I really did not like the spots. Made me look old and tired, not sexy at all.

I decided I need something natural to address this problem. But, can you imagine this? There was nothing anywhere. With all of my pharmacy knowledge, nothing.

So, like in the fairy tales. I started experimenting with all sorts of herbs, oils etcetera and tried to make something that works.

Was not easy, was even very tough.  Actually it was exhausting but I was determined.

But eventually I managed to make something that works and I was the laboratory rabbit.

Something completely natural that lightens skin was born: Beautyfields all natural skin lightening soap and cream.

- The End -

Thanks for making such a great product.

"Using this for the bottom of my feet which have terrible spots. Seems to be working already...thanks for making such a great product."

Terry, USA.

I'm very impressed with the changes I've seen in the few weeks I've used it.

"It shipped and arrived sooner than I expected it to. Its done exactly what it was supposed to do, I love it. I'm very impressed with the changes I've seen in the few weeks I've used it. Obviously it won't make me ivory, but has brightened my tan into a more golden color rather than dark brown. Bottom line is; I would definitely recommend this."

Mila, USA.  

Hyperpigmntation soap and lotion by BeautyFields

So, Beautyfields skinlight soap or cream for you?

Beautyfields natural skin lightening soap - For younger skin, acne prone skin and oily skin.

Beautyfields natural skin lightening cream - For mature skin (40+) or anybody who has dry skin. 

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If you are, for any reason, not satisfied,  just send me the products back and get your money back!!! So simple.

Not to mention, it smells delicious! Thank you!

"Great quality sopa with a fabulous lather that immediately brightens my complexion! Not to mention, it smells delicious! Thank you!"

Ashley, Australia.

Overall, a very good transaction.

"I have only been using this soap for a few days so I cannot say too much about its efficacy, but it has started to even out my complexion a little bit. It was shipped out and delivered on time, even a little earlier than expected. Overall, a very good transaction."

Abby, USA.

It cleared up my acne!

"I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! It made me a few shades paler and it cleared up my acne!"

Midha, USA


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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What do the products smell like?

How do I know which Beautyfields skinlight product I need in order to treat my Hyperpigmentation?

Can I use Beautyfields skinlight with other skincare products.

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Hyperpigmentation soap and cream