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grey hair trend, will it work for you?

Grey hair, still needs some TLC in order to look good!

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Found this inspiring article for you.

50 Gorgeous Grey Hair Styles – Pinterest

15: Simple Short Look With Tapered Sides And Back And this haircut with closely cut sides and feathers styled upright reminds a men’s style but can work great | See more about Grey Hair Styles, Grey Hair and Hair Style.

Of course, grey hair is not a must, you should decide for yourself but if you do go for it. My own 2 cents about this subject, or, in other words, what works for me:

If you go gray, I think a shorter haircut will look better most of the times, with exceptions of course.
Make up is quite a must, at least lipstick.
And of course, take good care of your skin.
Sorry, but if you want to look gorgeous you don’t have to dye your hair, sometimes it makes the hair look even worse because of the chemicals. Still you don’t want like someone who forgot to dye or even worse, is too tired to dye. You will probably still have to do some grooming. A good look at the beautiful woman in the article will prove it.


gray hairSo, how is it for you? What do you think about it? Do you dye your hair? Do you have tips to share?


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Treating Dandruff Naturally

Treating Dandruff Naturally


Although the reason for dandruff is not totally sure, it is currently supposed that it is a break down of the scalps natural lipid barrier, exposing it to infection by the tiny yeast that is commonly located in the scalp. When the yeast overgrows, it leads to an inflammatory reaction that exterminates scalp cells at a high rate, which in turn dismiss in sticky spots as well as flakes.

The condition is determined by:

1) White or clear flakes on the scalp, via the hair, and also on clothes.
2) Itchy scalp which could be red as well as irritated.

Stress, bad health as well as bad diet plan can make the scalp more susceptible to dandruff. High sugar meals particularly are known to worsen yeast infections.

The hair should be combed on a regular basis to release flakes and also promote blood supply to the scalp, which will certainly increase the natural immune feedback to infection.

Treating Dandruff Naturally

There are couple of routines you can develop and also all-natural treatments you could make use of to treat dandruff.

Nourishment: An extra of sugar in the diet plan can worsen any kind of yeast infection. Attempt reducing your consumption of all sugars and also refined carbohydrates while treating for dandruff.

Cleansing: Massage your scalp thoroughly with your fingertips when shampooing. This will certainly aid release and get rid of any sort of dead skin flakes as well as assist protect against the infection from proceeding. Wash your hair daily up until the infection is cleared up.

Conditioning: Use a hair condition on completions of hair. Do not condition your scalp where it can block pores as well as interfere with healing of the skin.

Treating Dandruff Naturally

Other Therapies:

1) Massage therapy: Massaging your scalp numerous times a day with the pads of the hands will stimulate blood supply to the hair roots and also help loosen up the dead skin flakes.

2) Brushing: Cleaning your hair completely each day will certainly aid loosen as well as remove dead skin flakes, boost the smooth circulation of natural oils along the hair shaft, and boost blood supply to the hair follicles.

3) Clean Hands After Cleaning and Grooming Hair: Fungus infections of the skin are very infectious, and also it is very easy to reinfect as well as spread to various other areas of the body. This is why it’s important to wash your hair daily as well as to clean out any type of loosened dandruff flakes

4) Ensure that healthy and balanced areas of the scalp will not be infected. Cleaning your hands after cleaning, massaging and brushing your hair will also assist avoid reinfection or cross infection.

The complying with herbs and nutrients have been revealed to reduce dandruff infections:

Treating Dandruff Naturally – per os

Olive Leaf and also Oregano Leaf are both all-natural wide spread antifungal agents.



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Natural Hair treatment From Your Household kitchen

Natural Hair treatment Straight From Your Household kitchen

This blog is about skin lightening but good looking hair can’t hurt anyone’s looks. And of course I like you to do it naturally. Will post tomorrow about shampoo damages but first I want to write some things about how to fix them.

It’s a fact that as the seasons change, so does our hair. Depending upon your hair type and climate, your hair might turn oily or dry, dull or limp or your hair may start to thin out a little. We’re truly no different than other animals because we shed our hair in the spring and fall and it’s not impossible that you might discover a few bare areas where you would typically have hair.

Never be afraid, your kitchen area pantry holds a number of basics which include the same active ingredients as numerous pricey beauty parlor hair therapies. These solutions are excellent if you develop a certain problem and do not have a hair product specifically formulated for treating it. In a lot of cases, these home ingredients work just as well or much better than the most expensive products you can buy. When you find yourself with one of the conditions listed below, instead of heading out and spending money on a product you’ll just require a few times, use the ingredients you already have right under your nose, in your kitchen to resolve the issue and conserve a little money and time in the process.

Issue: Oily Hair
Natural Hair traetment: Mint
Why It Works: Mint is a natural astringent. For a fast detox, brew five mint tea bags in a pot and cool. Put over hair as a final rinse after shampoo and conditioner.

Issue: Dull Hair
Natural Hair treatment: Sodium bicarbonate
Why It Works: Sodium bicarbonate decreases the pH of hair shampoo and seals the cuticle. Mix 1 tsp. of baking soda with your preferred hair shampoo for extra strength luster

Issue: Dry Hair
Natural Hair treatment: Honey
Why It Functions: Honey is a humectant that draws and traps wetness into dry hair. Merely mix 1 Tablespoon. of honey with 2 Tbsp. of hair shampoo and apply typically.

Problem: Limp Hair
Natural Hair treatment: Rice
Why It Functions: Rice protein broadens hair, making it look fuller. Just soak 1 cup of rice in 2 cups of water over night. Pressure and transfer the liquid to a spray bottle. Then mist on wet hair before drying.

Issue: Thinning Hair or Hair That Will not Grow
Natural hair treatment: Basil

Natural hair treatment
Why It Works: Basil promotes new growth by promoting the scalp. Heat 1 Tbsp. of basil and 1/2 cup of olive oil in the microwave for 30 seconds. Let cool slightly and massage into scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes then shampoo as regular.

Now, from reading you won’t see any benefit

Go, try it and if you survive come to tell us all how was it.