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Pregnancy mask – What can be done?

Pregnancy mask

Prgnancy mask – Help!!!!

Well, some of us get their hyperpigmentation, called also pregnancy mask. I wasn’t that lucky, I got it much before I was pregnant probably because of a vicious combination of the pill and sun exposure. But yeah, that’s life:)

Some people explore natural treatments only when pregnant. This link is dedicated for them:

Natural ways to minimize pregnancy hyperpigmentation

PREGNANT women are advised to stay away from most skin lightening products, especially treatments that involve laser machines.

It goes without saying that beautyfields all natural soap and cream are also good for pregnancy mask.

Share your thoughts.


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Liver spots – Tips and tricks from the expert.

liver spots

Liver spots – Tips and tricks from the expert.

Quite a long video this time but full of information about Liver spots and how to avoid them.

I think it’s particularly importnat because the tips are not only for your skin but also for your health in general.

After all, your skin looks just as healthy as you are.

I like also the tatoos and hat, smart people don’t always come in suits, are they:)

Kindly leave a comment here with any sort of Skin care inquiries!

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Melasma – Natural Remedies

Melasma treatment suggestions


Looks like a nice idea for a hyperpigmentation mask.

Can somebody tell me where can I get Sandalwood powder here in New – Zealand?

Melasma fade away recipe:

Sandalwood powder 2tb sp
Orange juice 1tb sp
Lemon/lime juice 1tsp
Vitamin E capsules 2only

Does look like worth trying.

So if you did try, please leave a comment here below.

It will help me and other people.

If you have your own tricks, please share and help others.

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Facial hyperpigmentation, why is it always right on the face?

Facial hyperpigmentation, why is it always right on the face?

Or why is our fairest skin always covered?

facial hyperpigmentation

Have you ever wondered why does Hyperpigmentation appear almost always, very annoyingly, first of all on the face? Like a flag for everybody to see?

I did.

The second most popular skin spots area are our hands, what we call liver spots.

Why is that?

The more I think about it, I realize it’s actually a proof to the fact that the sun is the most common cause for hyperpigmentation. Of course there are other facial hyperpigmentation inducing factors but they are easier to avoid.

Sun is everywhere.

This is also why hyperpigmentation is less common in the cold lands.

So, now you have 2 options:

  1. You can move to Russia and please don’t take me with you.
  2. Start wearing hat, long sleeves and gloves or in short, protect your self and especially your face from the sun.

And for those who understand very slow here’s a scary video for you:


Please feel free to comment with any hyperpigmentation or skin care question you may have.

Best wishes, Tsahallah.

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Ivory Coast bans dangerous skin lightening products

Ivory Coast bans dangerous skin lightening products

Dangerous skin lightening products are sold all through out Africa. Now Ivory coadt has banned them.

Like, comment, share, spread the word, this is impotant.

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Beauty tips for even skin tone

Beauty tips for even skin tone

There are lots of even skin tome tips that don’t have to take up a bunch of time. These simple tips can be accomplished in a matter of minutess and can have a visible effect on your look. These even skin tone ideas include straightforward ideas such as obtaining enough sleep each evening, drinking lots of water daily as well as entirely removing your make-up each night.

Getting enough rest is among many simple appeal ideas that simply could not be ignored. Regularly getting insufficient sleep could have a bad impact on your appearance. Under eye circles is just one of the lots of side effects of not getting adequate sleep.

Drinking adequate water daily to maintain hydration is another of the vital elegance suggestions. While studies have shown that consuming water does not affect the dampness levels in the skin, dehydration, nevertheless, can impact the look of the skin in an unwanted way. To prevent an undesirable pallor to the skin and also eyes that show up dull and also sunken it is wise to preserve sufficient hydration levels each day. Very important if you want to achieve even skin tone.

Another one of the extremely straightforward charm easy tip is to totally remove your make-up each evening. This is very important considering that failure to do so could possibly begin to take on the skin. The clogged up pores that arise from not removing your makeup each night can result in unpleasant skin problems such as acne or blackheads. This of course does not contribute for even skin tone.

Even skin tone can improve your looks enourmously. You can use milk on your face, hide as much as you can from the sun or just use beauty fields skin lightening soap and lotion for faster better results.



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How To treat Dry Skin – Techniques For Dealing With Dry Skin

How To treat Dry Skin – Techniques For Dealing With Dry Skin

Dry skin has a tendency to look darker. It’s very important to treat dry skin in order to make it look better as well as lighter.

There are a number of methods that you could learn for “the best ways to treat dry skin.” The actual trick to remedying dry skin is to try different alternatives in different combination’s up until you like the outcomes. Different all-natural products and also processes could help you produce a complete dry skin solution as well as routine that satisfies your requirements. What works for a single person will not function the exact same for you, since every person has his own one of a kind skin. Here is a list of some of the natural things that you could do for dealing with dry skin. There are a myriad of different natural solutions that you can try out there, so don’t hesitate to experiment till you enjoy and are satisfied with the results.

– * Mix out prepared oat meal and also fresh, raw honey for the function of moisturizing and also cleansing the skin of your face, or other components of your body as needed. This is a valuable all-natural remedy to treat dry skin due to the fact that it recovers dampness and makes your skin feel more youthful and healthier when you do it regularly.

treat dry skin

– * One more useful way to treat dry skin is going to be to consume foods that are naturally enjoyable of healthy and balanced oils, such as oily sorts of fish. Oily fish, like salmon for example, usually have plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, which are capable of working marvels when it comes to nourishing and also properly moisturizing your skin.

– * Another method to produce skin that is reasonable as well as healthy and balanced is to combine un-boiled milk with mustard, applying it to your face for a duration of twenty minutes, or thirty in much more intense instances of dry skin. This is one of the odder sounding dry skin treatments, but it actually does work when it concerns undoing the harm of dry skin in favor of more healthy as well as fairer skin.

– * You may also want to try taking the yolk of an egg as well as lightly dabbing it on your face and also other delicate locations in your skin that are dry. Leave it for fifteen minutes, permitting it to completely dry entirely while doing so. You could continue to use this remedy for dry skin each and every single day up until your face is clear as well as your skin is youthful and moisturized once again.

My all natural skin lightening soap is formulated for oily skin, my all natural skin lightening cream is made for dry skin. Give it a try today!

Now, did you give it a go? did you treat your dry skin already?

How was it for you? Give us feedback here under