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Pregnancy mask – What can be done?

Pregnancy mask

Prgnancy mask – Help!!!!

Well, some of us get their hyperpigmentation, called also pregnancy mask. I wasn’t that lucky, I got it much before I was pregnant probably because of a vicious combination of the pill and sun exposure. But yeah, that’s life:)

Some people explore natural treatments only when pregnant. This link is dedicated for them:

Natural ways to minimize pregnancy hyperpigmentation

PREGNANT women are advised to stay away from most skin lightening products, especially treatments that involve laser machines.

It goes without saying that beautyfields all natural soap and cream are also good for pregnancy mask.

Share your thoughts.


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Natural ingredients for Hyperpigmentation

The American academy of dermatology agrees with me:

Natural ingredients can be used for hyperpigmentation

I like being right:)

Somehow they have missed my ingredients but hey, Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Also, didn’t they sell us Hydroquinone for ages as safe?

Don’t know if you can trust these guys but it does worth

to look at what they think.


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Liver spots – Tips and tricks from the expert.

liver spots

Liver spots – Tips and tricks from the expert.

Quite a long video this time but full of information about Liver spots and how to avoid them.

I think it’s particularly importnat because the tips are not only for your skin but also for your health in general.

After all, your skin looks just as healthy as you are.

I like also the tatoos and hat, smart people don’t always come in suits, are they:)

Kindly leave a comment here with any sort of Skin care inquiries!

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grey hair trend, will it work for you?

Grey hair, still needs some TLC in order to look good!

Hello Friends!
Found this inspiring article for you.

50 Gorgeous Grey Hair Styles – Pinterest

15: Simple Short Look With Tapered Sides And Back And this haircut with closely cut sides and feathers styled upright reminds a men’s style but can work great | See more about Grey Hair Styles, Grey Hair and Hair Style.

Of course, grey hair is not a must, you should decide for yourself but if you do go for it. My own 2 cents about this subject, or, in other words, what works for me:

If you go gray, I think a shorter haircut will look better most of the times, with exceptions of course.
Make up is quite a must, at least lipstick.
And of course, take good care of your skin.
Sorry, but if you want to look gorgeous you don’t have to dye your hair, sometimes it makes the hair look even worse because of the chemicals. Still you don’t want like someone who forgot to dye or even worse, is too tired to dye. You will probably still have to do some grooming. A good look at the beautiful woman in the article will prove it.


gray hairSo, how is it for you? What do you think about it? Do you dye your hair? Do you have tips to share?


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So, what is Hyper pigmentation anyway?

Hyper pigmentation, what is it anyway?

Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin condition in which spots of skin come to be darker in shade than the typical bordering skin. So do not worry if you do have hyper pigmentation, you are not alone. Take a look around you and see for yourself, it’s just everywhere.

What is the Mechanism of hyper pigmntation?

This darkening happens when an excess of melanin, the brownish pigment that generates normal skin shade, forms down patches in the skin.

Who is prone to hyper pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation can impact the skin color of individuals of any kind of race.

Age or “liver” spots are a common type of hyper pigmentation. They happen as a result of sunlight damage, and also are described by physicians as solar lentigines. These small, dim patches are usually discovered on the hands and also face or various other locations frequently subjected to the sun.

But unfortunately, nowadays, hyper pigmentation is common also at the age of 20 or even 30. Because of global warming and changes in the ozone layer the sun these days is very harmful for the skin. Regarding not only hyper pigmntation but also wrinkles, so watch out! Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and long sleeves if needed.

hat against hyper pigmentation
Wide hat against hyper pigmentation

So, what’s the difference between hyper pigmentation and Melasme?

Melasma or chloasma is similar in look to age spots but the locations of darkened skin are usually larger. Melasma is usually an outcome of hormone adjustments. Pregnancy, for example, can set off overproduction of melanin that creates the “mask of pregnancy” on the face and also dimmed skin on the abdomen as well as various other areas. Ladies that take contraceptive pill could likewise establish hyper pigmentation because their bodies go through similar sort of hormonal changes that happen while pregnant. This also explains why do we see hyper pigmentation at such an early age these days.

Kindly leave a comment here with any sort of Hyper pigmentation inquiries!

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Skin-lightening hazardous creams lab test

Skin-lightening hazardous creams lab test

Finally a test to reveal dangerous ingredients in our skin-lightening products.

Would love my cream and lotion to be tested.


I find this research very important and happy it is done.

For the safety of everybody.

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Summer Skin Care Tips For Radiant Skin

Summer Skin Care Tips For Radiant Skin

Well, we are in New – Zealand, it’s winter here. Still I know for most of lucky you it’s summer now so I decided to remind you about some summer skin care tips.

When warm weather arrives, it’s just natural to desire to get out and drink the sun’s glorious rays. But as much as we enjoy the look of sun-kissed skin, it’s also essential to secure your skin to keep it looking healthy and youthful.

Summer skin care tips summary

* Make sun protection part of your daily routine. It is among the best long-term financial investments you’ll ever make. UVA rays are strong year-round and UVB rays are more intense during mid-day, spring and summertime. Use a moisturizing sunscreen on your face year-round, ideally with an SPF of 15 or greater. Select a vitamin-enriched cream that will not clog pores. Wear a hat if possible.

summer skin care tips


* It is very important to keep in mind another crucial step in keeping your skin in tip-top shape: exfoliating. Whether it’s prior to you apply a sunscreen or after you’ve been dipping your toes in the pool, exfoliating helps produce a smoother surface and keeps your skin looking toned. It also enhances the penetration of moisturizers. Do not exfoliate acne prone skin.

* Follow your shower or bath with application of a moisturizer, especially after you exfoliate. For your body use moisturizers particularly developed for body; they have the tendency to have richer emollients. Spray moisturizers are particularly hassle-free to use on bare legs in the summertime.

* Lastly, do not forget toning. Toners are an outstanding method to get rid of recurring dead skin cells, dirt, oil and makeup. In hot weather condition, attempt keeping a bottle of toner in your fridge and put on your neck, inside your wrists and inner ankles for an instant cooling result.

* Coconut oil is very good for your skin and t has a cooling effect. Refreshing!!!

Do you have some more Summer skin care tips?

Please share

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Clear skin with Cleansing Diet Effectively.

Clear skin with Cleansing Diet Effectively.

I’ve gone recently through a detox plan for 2 weeks. Lost only 1 Kg but the effect on my skin is profoundly visible. It’s a great way to achieveclear skin. My detox plan included meat but I did avoid milk and sugar of all kinds. I drank plenty of water and started the day with hot water with Lemon and olive oil. Tried to eat more fibers and green leaves. Not too hard.

If you are serious about beginning to cleanse your body and have clear skin then there are a lot of ways to begin. First, health food shops are particular to have detox diet plans so that individuals can take them house and use them while they are going through major internal changes. Second, there are important ingredients that people can in fact buy at any shop which will certainly help them in cleansing their body. Nevertheless, in order to achieve the goals effectively there are some things that a person must realize about the food and ingredients that they’re eating. The major principle, though, is that active ingredients like spinach, kale, and herbs like garlic will definitely assist in all your goals.

Detox for beginners

clear skin

No matter who you are if you have just started discovering cleansing then it is very important to realize that one need to begin slowly while cleansing their body. For instance, instead of going on a heavy cleansing diet plan simultaneously what should be done is to eat these kinds of diets over the face of 1 day. There are still many advantages that one can experience by a cleansing diet plan that is topped one day instead of being ingested in one complete week. Beginning out on the detoxification diets does not need to be difficult, however it does take effort, devotion, and discipline to stick to the routine and diets of the cleansing systems. However, if one in fact is serious about the commitment that he or she makes by among the cleansing diets then possibilities are that his or her body will be more well off than it was before. Not only will they experience a cleaner system, but that individual will be healthier overall, too!

Did you ever detox? How was it for you? Did you get the clear skin effect?