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grey hair trend, will it work for you?

Grey hair, still needs some TLC in order to look good!

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Found this inspiring article for you.

50 Gorgeous Grey Hair Styles – Pinterest

15: Simple Short Look With Tapered Sides And Back And this haircut with closely cut sides and feathers styled upright reminds a men’s style but can work great | See more about Grey Hair Styles, Grey Hair and Hair Style.

Of course, grey hair is not a must, you should decide for yourself but if you do go for it. My own 2 cents about this subject, or, in other words, what works for me:

If you go gray, I think a shorter haircut will look better most of the times, with exceptions of course.
Make up is quite a must, at least lipstick.
And of course, take good care of your skin.
Sorry, but if you want to look gorgeous you don’t have to dye your hair, sometimes it makes the hair look even worse because of the chemicals. Still you don’t want like someone who forgot to dye or even worse, is too tired to dye. You will probably still have to do some grooming. A good look at the beautiful woman in the article will prove it.


gray hairSo, how is it for you? What do you think about it? Do you dye your hair? Do you have tips to share?