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Ivory Coast bans dangerous skin lightening products

Ivory Coast bans dangerous skin lightening products

Dangerous skin lightening products are sold all through out Africa. Now Ivory coadt has banned them.

Like, comment, share, spread the word, this is impotant.

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easy 2 ingredients peel off mask for clear skin


Have done this one with my aunty today, she was looking all over Auckland for St. Ives Peel off and found only scrub. Was not more successful in Hong – Kong on the way.

She said, this one is much better, so this is your way to clear skin today:

Heat 1 tablespoon of milk in a double boiler

Mix in 1 tablespoon Gelatin (The Kosher kind if you can find it is also vegan)

After it becomes one et cool and apply all over your face

Peel after 10 minutes or so, this will take all the blackheads, white heads,

If you do it in the right direction even your mustache will be gone

Try this, it’s fun and it works

Good also for people with acne that can not use scrub

People with acne shouldn’t use scrub I hope they all know it.


Now go, try it and tell us all how was it for you.

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Skin bleaching for and against

I always say, I’m not for or against skin lightening

I think every person should decide for himself

I just offer a safer alternative

and certainly hate to see people harming their skin bleaching process.


What do you think?

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Congolese arrested for smuggling hazardous skin lightening products

Yes, they do smuggle illegal hazardous skin lightening products.

Do not use Mercury, hydroquinone or anything else that is banned.

It will only ruin your skin in the long-term.

Why use such products when there are such great alternatives?

Why risk your skin instead of pamper it?

Your skin won’t get any better from illegal skin care,

Simply dangerous.

What do you think?