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Skin-lightening hazardous creams lab test

Skin-lightening hazardous creams lab test

Finally a test to reveal dangerous ingredients in our skin-lightening products.

Would love my cream and lotion to be tested.


I find this research very important and happy it is done.

For the safety of everybody.

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Skin bleaching for and against

I always say, I’m not for or against skin lightening

I think every person should decide for himself

I just offer a safer alternative

and certainly hate to see people harming their skin bleaching process.


What do you think?

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Congolese arrested for smuggling hazardous skin lightening products

Yes, they do smuggle illegal hazardous skin lightening products.

Do not use Mercury, hydroquinone or anything else that is banned.

It will only ruin your skin in the long-term.

Why use such products when there are such great alternatives?

Why risk your skin instead of pamper it?

Your skin won’t get any better from illegal skin care,

Simply dangerous.

What do you think?