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So, what is Hyper pigmentation anyway?

Hyper pigmentation, what is it anyway?

Hyperpigmentation is a very common skin condition in which spots of skin come to be darker in shade than the typical bordering skin. So do not worry if you do have hyper pigmentation, you are not alone. Take a look around you and see for yourself, it’s just everywhere.

What is the Mechanism of hyper pigmntation?

This darkening happens when an excess of melanin, the brownish pigment that generates normal skin shade, forms down patches in the skin.

Who is prone to hyper pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation can impact the skin color of individuals of any kind of race.

Age or “liver” spots are a common type of hyper pigmentation. They happen as a result of sunlight damage, and also are described by physicians as solar lentigines. These small, dim patches are usually discovered on the hands and also face or various other locations frequently subjected to the sun.

But unfortunately, nowadays, hyper pigmentation is common also at the age of 20 or even 30. Because of global warming and changes in the ozone layer the sun these days is very harmful for the skin. Regarding not only hyper pigmntation but also wrinkles, so watch out! Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen and long sleeves if needed.

hat against hyper pigmentation
Wide hat against hyper pigmentation

So, what’s the difference between hyper pigmentation and Melasme?

Melasma or chloasma is similar in look to age spots but the locations of darkened skin are usually larger. Melasma is usually an outcome of hormone adjustments. Pregnancy, for example, can set off overproduction of melanin that creates the “mask of pregnancy” on the face and also dimmed skin on the abdomen as well as various other areas. Ladies that take contraceptive pill could likewise establish hyper pigmentation because their bodies go through similar sort of hormonal changes that happen while pregnant. This also explains why do we see hyper pigmentation at such an early age these days.

Kindly leave a comment here with any sort of Hyper pigmentation inquiries!

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How To treat Dry Skin – Techniques For Dealing With Dry Skin

How To treat Dry Skin – Techniques For Dealing With Dry Skin

Dry skin has a tendency to look darker. It’s very important to treat dry skin in order to make it look better as well as lighter.

There are a number of methods that you could learn for “the best ways to treat dry skin.” The actual trick to remedying dry skin is to try different alternatives in different combination’s up until you like the outcomes. Different all-natural products and also processes could help you produce a complete dry skin solution as well as routine that satisfies your requirements. What works for a single person will not function the exact same for you, since every person has his own one of a kind skin. Here is a list of some of the natural things that you could do for dealing with dry skin. There are a myriad of different natural solutions that you can try out there, so don’t hesitate to experiment till you enjoy and are satisfied with the results.

– * Mix out prepared oat meal and also fresh, raw honey for the function of moisturizing and also cleansing the skin of your face, or other components of your body as needed. This is a valuable all-natural remedy to treat dry skin due to the fact that it recovers dampness and makes your skin feel more youthful and healthier when you do it regularly.

treat dry skin

– * One more useful way to treat dry skin is going to be to consume foods that are naturally enjoyable of healthy and balanced oils, such as oily sorts of fish. Oily fish, like salmon for example, usually have plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, which are capable of working marvels when it comes to nourishing and also properly moisturizing your skin.

– * Another method to produce skin that is reasonable as well as healthy and balanced is to combine un-boiled milk with mustard, applying it to your face for a duration of twenty minutes, or thirty in much more intense instances of dry skin. This is one of the odder sounding dry skin treatments, but it actually does work when it concerns undoing the harm of dry skin in favor of more healthy as well as fairer skin.

– * You may also want to try taking the yolk of an egg as well as lightly dabbing it on your face and also other delicate locations in your skin that are dry. Leave it for fifteen minutes, permitting it to completely dry entirely while doing so. You could continue to use this remedy for dry skin each and every single day up until your face is clear as well as your skin is youthful and moisturized once again.

My all natural skin lightening soap is formulated for oily skin, my all natural skin lightening cream is made for dry skin. Give it a try today!

Now, did you give it a go? did you treat your dry skin already?

How was it for you? Give us feedback here under

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Healthy Looking Skin? Hard time getting it? Try These Ideas!

Hard Time Getting Healthy Looking Skin? Try These Ideas!

With some time set aside every day, you can create a successful skin care regimen. The tips in this article should be able to point you in the right direction for healthy, youthful and glowing skin. Isn’t healthy looking skin what we all want?

Use actual milk on your skin. Try rubbing some into your skin or adding it to a bath. You will like the results!!! What was good for Cleopatra can do you no harm. Another good idea is to use yogurt, it’s actually even better but also messier.

To avoid drying out your skin and keep your healthy looking skin you should stay away from harsh chemicals and cleansers. If you use products with harsh chemicals, you run the risk of irritating your skin or drying it out, as they contain ingredients that can cause excessive drying or inflammation.

If you are plagued with Melasma or the appearance of brown patches on your skin you can always use skin lightening soaps and creams to help. There are over the counter hydroquinone creams that you can buy in some countries but you may prefer the all natural products. Flawless skin is healthy looking skin.

Winter can be really harsh on your skin and make it excessively dry. Your skin type will determine what type of hydrating options you can use. If it gets really cold, like below 0 celsius degrees apply olive oil on your skin to avoid couperose.

healthy looking skin

Try this lip care tip before your next big event and relish in the delightful results. Mix 1 teaspoon each of honey, baking soda and olive oil, apply to lips and leave on for about 5 minutes. Rub the lips clean and let the lips dry. If your skin is dry you can use this same mixture as an exfoliator.

Let me know if you tried one of the tips and how was it for you.

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Underarms skin lightening with baking soda

Underarms skin lightening with baking soda

Underarms skin lightening is quite a sensitive topic

Mainly because our underarm skin is quite sensitive

Here are some underarms skin lightening with baking soda tips

I know some people recommend lemon for skin lightening

I think that this is too acidic for most of us

Baking soda is much gentler and can be used by more people.

You can use also cold pressed coconut oil for underarm skin lightening

especially if your skin is the very sensitive type.

and of course you can use my skin lightening cream for tough cases.


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Coconut oil for skin lightening and more

I already posted about how good is coconut oil for skin lightening

It’s also good for your skin in general, makes it smoother and cleaner

And much more:

Tell me now, wich is your favourite use?

Other uses you know?

Best wishes, Tsahallah,

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Immediate skin lightening in 20 minutes lighten acne marks and hyperpigmentation naturally

Hi Friends

I’m never tired of new natural ways to treat hyperpigmentation

This one I havn’t tried,

But you can, it looks easy and authentic


If you want to make it even easier, you can just apply milk with a cotton ball

So, How was it for you?

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Is Sugar Bad For Your Skin? – Effects of Sugar on Skin

Hello friends,

Everybody knows sugar can cause diabetes

and that sugar can make you fat

Not so many know that sugar wrinkles your skin

sugar ages you today,

Make a small experience

avoid sugar as much as you can for a week

and look in the mirror afterwards

what do you see?

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Time for a scrub to lighten your skin

Warning: this post is not for people with active acne.

Scrub will only make your skin look worse, sorry.

For the rest of you, who want to get rid of dead cells

the easiest way is sugar peeling:

Mix some sugar with water in your hand if your skin is oily

or with some olive oil if your skin is dry

just to make the sugar wet

and start scrubbing

Once a week is usually enough

Afterwards, don’t forget to moisture.

A gentler peeling is with milled oatmeal

Water will do for both skin types.

Oatmeal is great for your skin also if you eat it

Can’t say this about sugar.

Scrub will lighten your skin and mae it brighter

Not tremendously, not for a long time

still it’s just good enough for your special occasion tonight

any questions?


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How to lighten dark underarms naturally

First thing I would do is to check if it’s not a fungal infection,

Fungal infection will demand another treatment.

Here are some ideas about how to lighten dark underarms naturally

What do you say? Did you give it a go?